Lena Tereshkova

Graphic Designer, working with clients from all over the world both as an individual practitioner and as a leading Design Specialist in a company.

Yummy Moo 优米恩

Product naming, logotype and mascot design for a formula milk brand on Chinese market

The first stage of the project was to develop a name which would work for European and Chinese customers. After a number of researches and focus groups Yummy Moo has been chosen, and we moved to designing a visual identity for the brand. A few market researches was made, and it has been decided to focus on a real rather than on a fictional character. Hippo became a central point of the visual identity for its friendly rounded lines and shapes. A cloud silhouette and rounded font are aimed to contribute the idea of safety, care and newborn purity. Here are some options:

London 2018

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