Lena Tereshkova

Designer for Digital & Live Experiences. Trained as an interior specialist and visual communicator. Based in London. Working with clients from all around the world both as an individual practitioner and as a leading designer in an agency.

Tom Wolfe

Art assistace and graphic design for Tom Wolfe
In 2000 Tom Wolfe pioneered the fusion of food with art and product design. His imagination and mastery of the avant garde as well as deep expertise of world cuisines attracted a diverse client base, from luxury brands to celebrities, which led to Tom becoming the creative industries’ “go to” chef. He set a global benchmark for experientialcatering from Moscow to Hong Kong. Adding a touch of theatrical to every event, he merges food with performance art, resulting in a two-in-one experience delighting a multitude of senses, serving up unique food as well as extraordinary entertainment for the night.

Tom Wolfe creates installations for Frieze and takes his food art all over the world, from Kazakhstan to Dubai. A creator of Food Fashion Show, where models walk off the runway wearing Tom’s contemporary, wearable trays serving his food art canapés, Wolfe has been showcasing his edible designs in trend-conscious capitals like Moscow and Beirut. His inventions extend to Food Art Installations such as ‘Inside the Cake’ and luxury art piñatas where Rolexes and hand painted Faberge eggs spill out.

During the collaboration with Tom my role covered:
  • all range of art assistant duties, including organisation of exhibitions, photoshoots and installations;
  • digital and printed promotional presentations;
  • communication with UK/International celebrity clients;
  • developing drafts for Tom Wolfe Artworks project.

London 2024

Lena Tereshkova