Lena Tereshkova

Designer for Digital & Live Experiences. Trained as an interior specialist and visual communicator. Based in London. Working with clients from all around the world both as an individual practitioner and as a leading designer in an agency.


SCENT/london is a newly formed British company with the aim in promoting scent as a form of Art. Its united team of internationally renowned perfumers and well known artists are drawn together to translate artistic events on olfactory levels.

SCENT/london founded in 2013, and supported by patrons of the arts world, is one of the first companies to encapsulate vision, acoustic, texture and taste solely through the sense of smell. Over the past 14 years, SCENT/london’s perfume curator has specialised in capturing signature scents. Her concept of “diffusion” in open spaces, reducing all elements of communication to molecules, has been a mission over the past decades.

SCENT/london’s company ethos is to enhance, promote and educate through the sense of smell. The company supports the Illuminating Life Foundation, that offers young artists the opportunity in entering into the world of Art through professional education. As part of the SCENT ethos, the company offers Perfume Master Classes, allowing the public, for the first time, to be tutored by high profile professional Perfumers.

My mission was to develop a logo using Futura Bold font, to communicate customers concept of scent: to visualise compositions of various molecules, as well as connections in a vertical perfumery chart.

Scent is something invisible, but remarkable and tangible. That is why one of my suggestions was to invent Braille symbols developed for blind people. These combinations of dots of different sizes create a message and could serve as a metaphorical image of molecules united into one unique composition/fragrance. Combinations of circles in the logo mean S, C, E, N and T in Braille.

Photos: Tony Ziebetzki, Mark Mawson

London 2024

Lena Tereshkova