Lena Tereshkova

Designer for Digital & Live Experiences. Trained as an interior specialist and visual communicator. Based in London. Working with clients from all around the world both as an individual practitioner and as a leading designer in an agency.

Modern Architecture of London logo

Branding / Identity Workshop with Andrew Monk

Developing and translating branding structures into an identifiable visual language. I took my core investigations from primary and secondary research focused on modern architecture of the city and began to look at the various ways in which these could be developed.

Here is one of the final options, which is focused on silhouettes of modern iconic buildings in London, such as Swiss Re, City Hall, American Museum of Aviation and King’s Cross station. This logotype is refering to one of the key features of modern architecture, determined during the research: the interaction of straight lines (grids) and curves, formed by those straight constructions. The logo also communicates numerous layers of silhouettes of buildings. The Outcome of the workshop includes typologies of buildings, colour palette of modern architecture of the city, the logotype and its basic digital behavior:


London 2024

Lena Tereshkova