Lena Tereshkova

Graphic Designer, working with clients from all over the world both as an individual practitioner and as a leading design specialist in the creative agency.

Identity for WER
(Waste Reducer Energy Recovery Generator)

WASTE 4ME: Waste for mobile energy when recycling is not viable

My mission was to develop a logo which communicates the process of turning waste into energy (namely into pure gas) and a basic identity. The graphic element symbolizes transformation of waste into energy, namely into gas. Inflow and outflow are linked and waste is a primary source of the blue outflow. The idea of the same nature of both components is symbolically illustrated by triangle shapes in the inflow and outflow of the composition

Graphic materials were used for NATO energy working group (SENT) in the Netherlands, NATO IESMA 2014 conference, 200 Anniversary of Dutch land forces in Netherlands and for other events.

London 2020

Lena Tereshkova