Lena Tereshkova

Designer, Digital & Live Experiences. Trained as an interior specialist and visual communicator. Based in London. Working with clients from all around the world both as an individual practitioner and as a leading designer in an agency.

UI and UX for Virtual and Hybrid Events

Virtual and Hybrid experiences for Hewlett Packard and VMware

The coronavirus pandemic caused events to be called off or moved into online formats. This is when we realised that virtual event platforms and software need a good upgrade to be able to replace live experiences. I have been pitching for and working on several virtual events starting from late spring 2020. Infusing rigid platforms templates with the glow of a live event and with client’s branding has not been an easy task. A few workable platforms have been found after months of research, here are some examples of creative concepts and completed projects:

Creative concepts for VMware Cloud CAB Online 2020

Each of the three chapters of this virtual event are visualised as floating doors in a surreal landscape. Each door pops up and opens as soon as each section of the event starts. A charismatic host guides and entertains attendees between sessions and chapters, both in live and pre-recorded format. The main goal behind this concept is to move away from a typical interface and catch attention of the attendees.

Traditionally a cocktail reception is a culmination of a live event. To bring this virtual experience closer to the familiar format some physical objects were implemented into the event scenario. Such as iconic armchairs for speakers and cocktail kits for all attendees. All the listed projects have been completed with Nteractive Consulting, where I am currently holding a role of a Senior Designer in Live and Digital Experiences.

Hewlett Packard Technical and Solutions Summit 2021

The client provided a colourful image from HPE’s library as a key visual reference for the event. This picture became a starting point for the brand identity of the Summit. The next layer of boundaries was added by templates and technical limitations of the platform, used to build the virtual event. To upgrade and expand its frameworks I worked closely with the platform’s developers and digital producers. These improvements led to a better UX and became the key achievement in this project. Both client and participant feedback was positive, there are three more events to work on. 

London 2021

Lena Tereshkova