Developing the aesthetic of masks through design, reworking the fundamentals of a disguise into facial jewellery. No longer covering an identity, but gently celebrating uniqueness of each wearers face.

‘Persona’ on

It mainly expresses the different aspects of a person’s character.
This is different from their own real character and inner characteristics.
The figure under the mask also reflects her different qualities, or humour,
or strong, or gentle, or elegant, or amorous feelings.

Creative Director and Photographer: Han Yang @yanghanphoto
Model: Rankong Ding @longtengmodels
Stylist: Xiaoshanjiao
Makeup: HAHA @leslieliang_129 @SUSANMAKEUP
Hair: Sakura @linn__sakura @pinartists
Masks: Lena Tereshkova @lenapolis_residents

London 2024

© Lena Tereshkova