Developing the aesthetic of masks through design, reworking the fundamentals of a disguise into facial jewellery. No longer covering an identity, but gently celebrating uniqueness of each wearers face.

Seven Masks

were made from reused fabrics and laces
embroidered with beads, Swarovski elements and feathers
as a part of my collaboration with Oxfam

Design with Oxfam Collection

Jenya Sobol (, Nervmusic, Arma17) captured Alyosha Kovaleva
who is wearing masks from the DWO collection
at the legendary Moscow’s Arma17


is a unique phenomenon of Moscow's nightlife,
the only underground venue in Russia with worldwide recognition,
supported by the leading names of global electronic scene,
with a trend setting view on modern music.

After three years of developing the clubbing lifestyle in Russia,
the club's team starts a record label Arma
to contribute to the global scene the sound of Arma17.

Arma is not bounded by any specific genres or names
but aims to embrace the whole range of whatever might be
a part of Arma17.

London 2024

© Lena Tereshkova